Designer(s) Players Length (min)
Bez Shahriari 3-7 10-30


Players race to shout a word contains at least one letter from each of the 2 central cards AND at least one letter from each face-up card in front of you. To start with, you have no cards in front of you, so including a specific 2 letters will get you a point (and another card to use). As the game goes on, better players will have more and more cards in front of themselves. This gives the game escalating difficulty, and also provides a catchup mechanism.


Key Rules

  • You can use the cards in ANY ORDER
  • First person to finish saying the word wins the card
  • You need to use all your previously-collect face-up cards as well as the 2 in the middle.
  • Reset/permanent handicap after your 3rd card
  • Keep permanent handicaps on face-down cards to make it clear that they are permanent
  • Most cards wins (numbers are irrelevant)

New Rules

  • Stop each round after someone gets their 3rd card.
  • The winner of the round takes the 4th card also and chooses any 1 of the 4 as a permanent handicap.
  • Points should be put at an angle (‘horizontally’) and permanent handicaps on top, to distinguish them from the cards you collected in the same round.

How to Demo / Teach

Flip over 2 cards. Give examples of words. Ideally, try to use different combinations of letters, use 3 or 4 letters in a word and do one that goes backwards.

Take a card.

Flip over another. Give an example of a word that other people could say but you could not. Explain that you need to use every face-up card in front of yourself. Say a word you can use and take the card.

Say that it’s a speed-game and other folk can just start playing. Flip another card. If it takes longer than 4s, remind folk that they’re only using cards from the middle.

Let people play until someone else also gets to 2 cards. Then use a word to take your 3rd card (useful words: rainforest, reactions, creations). Explain that this is the end of the round and everyone else flips their card over. Explain that you get a bonus card but need to keep a permanent handicap.

Ask if anyone has any questions.